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UV Laser Marking Machine For Rigid Plastic Container



1. UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine uses high energy ultraviolet light beam to carry out micron level characterization on the surface of the material to achieve clear and lasting identification. Compared with traditional inkjet and printing technology, laser marking machine does not use ink or ink. This is both environmentally friendly and economical, and the marking effect is more delicate and beautiful.

UV Laser Marking Machine For Rigid Plastic Container-Sweel Laser Marking Machine

2. The unique advantages of UV laser marking machine

High precision and clarity: laser marking machine has extremely high precision and clarity. It can achieve fine pattern and text characterization on rigid plastic containers to meet a variety of personalized customization needs.
Non-contact marking: laser marking machine adopts non-contact marking method. Will not cause any damage to the surface of the container, to ensure product quality.
Environmental protection and energy saving: there is no need to use ink or ink, reducing the production of waste and harmful substances. In line with the development trend of modern industrial green and environmental protection.
High speed and high efficiency: laser marking machine has extremely fast marking speed, which can greatly improve production efficiency and meet the needs of large-scale production.

3. The application of UV laser marking machine in rigid plastic container industry

Product traceability and anti-counterfeiting: Through the laser marking machine on the rigid plastic container engraved unique two-dimensional code or bar code, to achieve product traceability and anti-counterfeiting function, to protect the rights and interests of consumers.
Brand promotion and personalized customization: Carve personalized patterns, text or LOGO on the container to enhance the brand publicity effect. Meet consumer demand for personalized products.
Enhance the added value of products: laser marking technology can bring unique and exquisite appearance to rigid plastic containers, improve the added value and competitiveness of products.

UV Laser Marking Machine For Rigid Plastic Container-Sweel Laser Marking Machine


UV laser marking machine has the advantages of high precision, non-contact, environmental protection and energy saving. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, we believe that UV laser marking machines will play a greater role in the future, bringing innovation and development to more industries.