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Laser Marking For Building Products



Fiber laser marking machine

Using optical fiber to transmit laser, the stability and focus of the beam are optimized. In the field of building product identification, micron-level precision control can be easily achieved. Whether it is text, pattern or QR code, it can be clearly and accurately presented on the product surface.At the same time, the fiber laser marking machine has an extremely high marking speed, which can complete the identification of a large number of products in a short time, greatly improving production efficiency.

Laser Marking For Building Products-Sweel Laser Marking Machine


The service life of building products is often decades or even longer, so the durability of the mark is crucial. Fiber laser marking machines form permanent marks by melting the surface of materials at high temperatures, which are not affected by environmental factors. Even if exposed to wind, sun, rain or snow for a long time, the marks are still clearly visible. This durable feature makes the fiber laser marking machine an ideal choice for building product identification.

Green and environmental protection

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, green manufacturing has become a development trend in all walks of life. As a non-contact and pollution-free marking method, the fiber laser marking machine fully meets the requirements of green environmental protection. During the marking process, it does not produce harmful substances and noise pollution, and has no effect on the health of operators. In addition, the machine is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which can significantly reduce production costs.

Personalized customization

With the continuous changes in market demand, the demand for personalized customization of construction products is also increasing. The fiber laser marking machine is highly flexible and customizable, and can meet the personalized needs of different customers. Whether it is text layout, pattern design or color selection, personalized customization can be easily achieved, so that each construction product has a unique logo.

Laser Marking For Building Products-Sweel Laser Marking Machine


The fiber laser marking machine has shown strong competitiveness in the field of building product identification with its advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high stability, durability and green environmental protection. It not only provides manufacturers with a new way of identification, but also gives construction products higher quality and value. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of market demand, fiber laser marking machines will surely play a more important role in the construction industry.