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Fiber Marking Machine For Food Packaging



This fiber marking machine uses the most advanced fiber laser technology. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high stability. It can easily achieve various complex patterns and text markings on food packaging. Whether it is the brand LOGO, production date, shelf life, or personalized blessings and anti-counterfeiting information, they can be accurately presented one by one.

Fiber Marking Machine For Food Packaging-Sweel Laser Marking Machine

Moreover, the operation of the fiber  marking machine is very easy. It adopts an intelligent control system. You only need to input the designed pattern or text into the system and set the relevant parameters, and the machine can automatically complete the marking work. This not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also reduces labor costs.

A new revolution in food packaging: environmental protection, safety and beauty

Compared with traditional printing and marking methods, fiber marking machines have more advantages. First of all, it does not require the use of any ink, ink and other consumables, completely avoiding contamination problems caused by improper use of consumables. At the same time, the laser marking process will not cause any damage to food packaging materials, ensuring product safety.

Secondly, the patterns and text marked by the fiber marking machine are clear, durable and not easy to fade. This not only improves the overall quality of the product, but also enhances consumers’ trust in the product.

Finally, fiber marking machines have powerful anti-counterfeiting functions. Through special laser marking technology, unique anti-counterfeiting marks can be left on food packaging, effectively preventing the emergence of counterfeit and shoddy products and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Fiber Marking Machine For Food Packaging-Sweel Laser Marking Machine


In this highly competitive market environment, a good food packaging can not only attract consumers’ attention, but also enhance the added value and brand image of the product. And this fiber marking machine is your right assistant to achieve this goal. With its high precision, high efficiency and high stability, it can make your food packaging become high-end in an instant and become the first choice in the minds of consumers.